1. Installation

There are several ways to use pylightxl. The easiest download is through pip however we understand that certain workplaces may not allow externally downloaded content, therefore we made it easy to copy/paste the source code needed to get going as well. Please see License terms of agreement: License

1.1. pip install via pypi

Download via Python Package Installer the latest official release:

pip install pylightxl

1.2. pip install via github

Download via github the latest master branch release:

pip install git+https://github.com/PydPiper/pylightxl.git

1.3. Git Clone

Download via github clone:

git clone https://github.com/PydPiper/pylightxl.git

1.4. Download Source Files

Download via github: https://github.com/PydPiper/pylightxl/archive/master.zip

1.5. Copy Source Files

Create a copy of the entire library that the user can copy directly into a project, a virtual environment, or into the python/lib/site-packages folder for general use.

1.) Create a folder pylightxl

2.) Create the following files within the pylightxl folder:

    1- __init__.py
    2- pylightxl.py

3.) Populate the files with their respective source code contents:

3.1) File1: __init__.py

3.2) File2: pylightxl.py